How to make Happy Gilmore Costume

Happy Gilmore Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Boston Bruins NHL Jersey A frustrated hockey player who still dreams of going professional, Happy’s obsession with the game can be seen plainly by the hockey jersey he wears to the golf course.
2 Relaxed-Fit Denim Pants Loose is the name of the game during the ‘90s, and Happy was in on the trend by wearing a pair of light-washed, relaxed-fit denim pants.
3 Boston Bruins NHL Cap Happy can show his true love for the sport and the team by wearing a Boston Bruins hockey team cap atop his head.
4 Dark Brown Rubber Shoes Happy isn’t a professional golfer and golf shoes are foreign to him, like the other aspects of the sport. So he makes do with a comfortable pair of dark brown rubber shoes while he’s on the course.
5 Golf Club Happy needs a golf club to show off his amazingly powerful slapshot skills.

Happy’s dream of being a professional hockey player didn’t come true, unfortunately. But it turns out to be a blessing in disguise when he realizes how awesome he is in golf. This over-violent but talented man may not have the best (and most peaceful) disposition but he truly does have a big heart, especially for his grandmother.

During the Pro Golf Tour, Happy was endorsed by the company Subway and that’s why he wears their logo on some of his clothes, like his shirt. Happy also wears a rust-colored flannel above his t-shirt, a pair of loose jogging pants, and rubber shoes.

Here’s everything you need to look like Happy Gilmore.

About Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler played the aggressive but talented Happy Gilmore in the film, and he also co-wrote the script. What not a lot of people know is that the character of Happy was actually inspired by Sandler’s real-life friend, Kyle. Kyle was a former hockey player in Sandler’s hometown, and he used to go play golf with the Sandlers. He now coaches a hockey team.