Skeletor (He Man) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Skeletor costume

Skeletor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Skeletor’s Hooded Chest Armor If you want an accurate rendition of Skeletor’s hooded chest armor, get this piece. Cheaper Version
2 Blue bodysuit Instead of painting your whole body blue, just wear blue body suit.
3 Purple Boots Don’t forget to wear Skeletor’s purple boots.
4 Skull Mask Wear a skull mask under your hood since that’s what Skeletor looks like.
5 Ram Skull Use this as the main decoration of Skeletor’s staff on this PVC staff.
6 Sword get this custom made skeletor sword to complete his weaponry
7 Purple Paint Paint your staff with this shade of purple.
8 Warrior shorts You can also paint this purple & add a skull belt
9 full Costume Set You can also buy this costume set to avoid lots of DIY-ing.

If you’ve seen him as a child, Skeletor’s skull head was enough to send you in a state of panic. But as you grow older, you can truly appreciate how strong and how formidable an opponent Skeletor is.

He was the most evil being in Eternia and is He Man’s sworn nemesis. And he fights for what? For power! Being the Master of the Universe is his ultimate goal and he won’t stop until he gets there!

Skeletor’s look have minimally changed throughout the years, but as a whole, he still looks super iconic. He has a skull for a head which is dressed up by a purple hooded chest armor. He also wears dark purple boots and his skin color is a lighter purple as well.

About Skeletor

Skeletor was portrayed by Alan Oppenheimer in He Man and the Masters of the Universe from 1983 to 1985.

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