Atom Eve (Invincible) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Atom Eve’s Costume from Invincible

Atom Eve Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Pullover Begin with this pink top.
2 Pink Sleeves Then layer it with these pink sleeves.
3 Pink Shorts Complete the pink look with these shorts.
4 Pink Boots This budget-friendly alternative to the leather boots is also a steal.
5 Pink Gloves Add a fancy touch to the look with these gloves.
6 Small Cape For this costume, a short cape is preferred.
7 Orange Wig Top the all-pink ensemble with this wig.

Atom Eve represents a strong female hero and her outfit is also in a pleasing shade of pink. Start it off with a layer of pink long-sleeved tops and pink shorts. You can also add gloves to the look. To finish the costume, you can add a pink cape and pink boots and top it all off with an orange wig.

About Atom Eve

Atom Eve is a character from American comic book Invincible. She also goes by the name Samantha Eve Wilkins and is part of Teen Team. She is said to be created from an experiment by the government to develop super-beings. She is also Mark’s love interest. Her power includes manipulating matter.