Teen Titan Starfire Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Starfire costume from Teen Titans

Starfire Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Orange Wig Put on a long bright orange wig to recreate Starfire’s hairstyle.
2 Orange Body Paint To get Starfire’s skin color, paint your body with an orange body paint.
3 Bright Green Contact Lenses Pick a green contact lenses to recreate Starfire’s bright green eyes.
4 Purple Crop Top with Long Sleeves Look for a crop top with long sleeves in metallic purple color to get the seductive alien style.
5 Light Green Jewel Brooch Pin Decorate your crop top by pinning a green jewel brooch pin one the chest.
6 Purple Shorts Find a pair of metallic shorts to match with the crop top.
7 Long White Gloves A pair of regular long white satin gloves are perfect.
8 Purple High Boots Finish your look with a pair of high boots in purple color.
9 Orange Sheer Stockings This is optional, look for a pair of orange sheer stockings for smoother legs.
10 Violet leather belt Optional
11 Full Costume Everything included costume
12 Funko POP Starfire’s Figure Get the Starfire figure from Funko POP for your collection.

Starfire’s style is famous for the contrast of her orange skin color and her purple outfit. Beside her bright orange skin, her long hair has a flame-like color to it as well. She also has glowing green eyes. Starfire wears a metallic purple outfit, long white gloves, and metallic high boots. Are you interested in recreating Starfire’s Bright look?, check our list down to below!

About Starfire

Starfire or Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran is a well known member of the Teen Titans group for her powerful force and alien-like look. But before she came to Earth, Koriand’r had to face the family drama that brought destruction upon her home star called Tamaran. In the Tamaran royal family, Komand’r, Starfire’s older sister, was the first of the succession line to become the queen of Tamaran but born with the disability to convert ultraviolet light in to flight energy so she was stripped from her rights and the succession fell on Koriand’r.

Enraged with her sister and parents’ decision, Komand’r aligned herself with Tamaran’s enemy, the Citadel, and help him invaded her home star. The Tamaran king was forced to hand over Koriand’r to the Citadel in order to bring back the peace. After years and years of torment, Koriand’r escaped to Earth, took the name of Starfire, and joined the Teen Titans to fight crimes. Starfire is able to convert ultraviolet to flight energy and blast power.