How to Make Luca Paguro Sea Monster Costume

Luca Paguro Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sea Monster Rashguard & Leggings Wear a rashguard and pants combo with green scales to look like a Sea Monster.
2 White Plaid Oxford Shirt Hide your true identity by looking human in a white plaid shirt.
3 Denim Shorts Pair your shirt with comfy denim shorts.
4 Light Green Flippers To feel more like a Sea Monster, you can choose to wear light green flippers.
5 Beanie Get Luca’s fun blue hair and fins with this Luca-inspired beanie.
6 Sea Monster Tail Look more like a sea monster with this awesome tail.
7 Felt Fabric Sheets Use green and blue felt sheets to create Luca’s fin and scales details.
8 Full Costume Set Transform your kid into Luca with this costume set.

Luca is the titular character of the 2021 Disney-Pixar animated film about a sea monster who escape to Portorosso and enter a racing competition for a chance to see the world together. He is a timid but very curious child with a big heart and a strong desire to see the world.

Luca is like any child who wants to expand his horizon and go out of his comfort zone. To like him, you’ll need to wear a white plaid shirt, denim shorts, green-scaled rashguard and pants, and a Luca-inspired beanie or mask.

About Luca

Luca was voiced by Jacob Tremblay. Tremblay is also known for his roles in Room, Wonder, Before I Wake, and The Book of Henry.

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