Alberto (Luca) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Alberto Costume

Alberto Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mermaid Rashguard & Leggings Start off your Alberto outfit with a purple mermaid-scale rashguard and tights.
2 Yellow Tank Top Keep everything looking summery in a yellow tank top.
3 Orange Denim Shorts Pair your top with fun orange shorts.
4 Purple Flippers Wear a pair of purple flippers to look more like a sea monster, if you’d like.
5 Colored Cardstock Use colored cardstock to recreate Alberto’s face and scale hair.
6 Twisted Rope Use rope as Alberto’s belt.
7 Sea Monster Tail Don’t forget to wear a long purple sea monster tail.
8 Purple Felt Fabric Sheets Use purple fabric sheets to create fins all over your body.
9 Full Costume Set Transform your kid into Alberto with this costume set.

Alberto is a sea monster who lives alone in Isola del Mare and befriends Luca when they meet in Portorosso. He is fun-loving and very curious about the human world which he loves sharing with his newfound friend.

Alberto is a fun friend to have around when you’re feeling down. To look like Alberto, you will need to wear a purple mermaid-scale rashguard and tights, a yellow tank top, orange shorts, a twine belt, a long purple sea monster tail, and an Alberto-inspired mask.

About Alberto

Alberto was voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer. Grazer is also known for his roles in It, Shazam!, It Chapter Two, and Beautiful Boy.

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