Fire Mario (Super Mario) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Fire Mario’s Costume from Super Mario

Fire Mario Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Sweater Kick off his cosplay with a white long-sleeved top.
2 Red Jumpsuit Make it head-turning with this red jumpsuit.
3 White Gloves For your next piece, match the hat with these gloves.
4 Mario Hat You can also add this hat to your cart to nail Mario’s iconic hat.
5 Brown Shoes Keep the look functional with these shoes.
6 Mustache Add this mustache to top off the costume!
7 Paper Flame Recreate his fireball with this paper prop.

Fire Mario’s costume can be recreated with a white long sleeved top and a red jumpsuit. You can also style it with his signature hat and mustache. For finishing touches, be sure to wear a pair of white gloves and brown shoes, too! Then live up to his name by carrying a prop flame!

About Fire Mario

Fire Mario is another form of Mario from Super Mario. The Fire or fiery Mario is a result of a power-up where Mario uses a Fire Flower. It was introduced in Super Mario Bros. When the player uses Fire Mario, it assumes the size of Super Mario form but in later games, the original form is allowed to use the Fire Flower.