Pink Guy/Filthy Frank Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pink Guy /Filthy Frank’s Costume

Pink Guy took the online world by storm with his funny and crazy antics. Aside from his many entertaining ideas, what made his stand out is his all-pink ensemble. For a more DIY take, cop a plain pink hoodie and matching pants. Great news to people who wish to dress like him, it is fairly easy to cop his look.

Pink Guy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Bodysuit Cop this pink body suit.
2 Pink Hoodie You may also cop this pink hoodie to have a piece you can wear all the time.
3 Pink Pants Pait the hoodie with pink pants.
4 Aviator Hat and Goggles for his filthy frank character
5 Blue shirt filthy frank wears light color shirts

About Pink Guy/Filthy Frank

Pink Guy was an online funny character popularized by Joji Miller. His pink guy persona was part of Joji’s Filthy Frank Youtube universe.

Pink Guy is describred as a musician who released many hip hop tracks. He appeared to speak jibberish but is skilled in rapping. Pink Guy and Filthy Frank were retired by Joji so he can focus on his more serious music career.