Mindy Lahiri Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mindy Lahiri Costume

Mindy Lahiri’s outfit speaks for both her personality and career. Her hot pink dress and high heels show that Mindy is a very feminine woman who has a love for fashion, the color also tells that she’s sweet, romantic, and fun. While her white gown with a stethoscope speaks of her career as a doctor. Therefore Mind’s style is easy to follow, but so much fun.

Mindy Lahiri’s Costume Items

Mindy Lahiri Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fashion Glasses with Cleared Lens Wear a fashionable glasses with cleared lens to show off Mindy’s smartness.
2 Fancy Earrings There’s no certain style for Mindy when it comes to earrings so you’re free to choose, however go for something eye-catching because she rarely wears anything too small.
3 Hot Pink Dress Look for a hot pink casual dress with a knee length skirt, don’t wear it too short or too long.
4 Hot Pink High Heels Pick a pair of high heels with the color that matches with the dress’ color.
5 Doctor Gown Just a simple, white-clean, knee-length doctor gown
6 Costume Stethoscope Any realistic looking replicas of a stethoscope, or you can just use a real one.
7 Long Dark Brown Wig Mindy has a really nice long dark brown hair, wear a similar wig to recreate the look.
8 ID Badge Holder Get a printout of Dr. Mindy’s ID

About Mindy Lahiri

Mindy Lahiri, played by Mindy Kaling, is the boss in her own show called The Mindy Project, a well-received comedy series by Hulu. It is a story about a young doctor, Mindy Lahiri, who needs to make a balance between her personal and professional life while being surrounded by many other funny characters. Mindy’s character embodies every lovable trait a person could have: good sense of humor, warmth, friendliness, and confident.

Mindy’s also known as a very romantic person as well as a feminine lady. She loves everything a girl could possibly loves from fashion to romantic-comedy type of film. However, her mind is quite analytic, though she rarely criticizes anybody harshly, for she always sugarcoats her critiques because she cares about other people’s feeling a lot. With these characteristics, everybody would want to have her as a friend.