Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Costume

Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Spandex Bodysuit Use this red spandex bodysuit as the base of your superhero costume.
2 T-Shirt Dress Wear this t-shirt dress over your body suit to immediately assume Ms. Marvel’s character.
3 Red Sneakers Show your youthful personality by matching your attire with these pair of red sneakers.
4 Golden Bracelet Bangle Put this gold bracelet bangle on your left wrist and unleash your latent superpowers.
5 Mask Don this Ms. Marvel mask to protect your true identity. Add the necessary thin yellow lines on the mask to better capture the Marvel look.
6 Red Long Tie Scarf Throw on this long red tie scarf to make your outfit fresher and more fashionable.
6 Full Costume Set Transform your kid into Ms. Marvel with this full costume set.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) is a 16-year old Pakistani-American high-schooler and fangirl of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) who struggles to fit in until she gains superpowers from a magical golden bangle in the American television miniseries Ms. Marvel. She was later disclosed to be actually a mutant.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) has always dreamed of becoming a superhero when she was still powerless. She wears a red spandex bodysuit, a Ms. Marvel T-shirt dress, red sneakers, a golden bracelet bangle, and a long red tie scarf.

About Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) was portrayed by Iman Vellani. Vellani is also known for her roles in Avengers: Secret Wars, The Marvels, and The National.

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