Drunk Irishman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Drunk Irishman’s Costume

Drunk Irishman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long-sleeved Shirt Keep the look casual with this white piece.
2 Green Jacket Then top it off with a green jacket.
3 Green Shorts Match the jacket with this pair of shorts.
4 Leprechaun Costume You can also opt for this costume if you want a full set.
5 Long Socks Wear a pair of white socks, too.
6 Black Shoes Make sure that your shoes are dark like this pair.
7 Green Top Hat You can also finish the green attire with this hat.
8 Beer Mug Fill this mug with beer and be ready to party!

Time to level up the usual Leprechaun costume and get inspiration from this staple to recreate the Drunk Irishman look. You can start the costume by layering a green jacket over a white shirt. Then pair the top with green shorts, white socks, and black shoes. To complete the all-green ensemble, you can also wear a green top hat. Carry a mug filled with beer to fully nail the costume!

About Drunk Irishman

Drunk Irishman are known to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and the iconography of the Leprechaun is also popular. They are also people who can hold their liquor very well. Because of their affinity for the color green, their costumes usually have this color in the palette.