El Diablito Costume from Loteria Cards for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make El Diablito Costume from Loteria Cards

El Diablito Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Gym Shorts Begin the buildup of your mischievous costume by getting this pair of red gym shorts.
2 Red Flip Flops Pick this pair of red flip flops to help you walk amusingly towards one of your schemes.
3 Soft Pointy Ears Add length to your ears so you can eavesdrop better while you are spying on your unsuspecting victims.
4 Fake Mustache and Goatee Beard Look more devilish with these fake mustache and goatee beard set.
5 Devil Horn Hair Clips Add these devil horn hair clips to highlight your true nature.
6 Devil’s Tail Attach this devil’s tail to your red shorts.
7 Red Face and Body Paint Cover your whole body in devilish red with this face and body paint.
8 Extra Large Rectangular Cardboards Create your giant card background on this extra-large rectangular cardboard.
9 Acrylic Paint Set Use this acrylic paint set to add the necessary details to your corresponding Loteria Card.

Loteria Cards are the picture cards used in the traditional Mexican board game Loteria, similar to Bingo. The 54 Loteria card deck is used to draw the pictures that match the corresponding pictures in the randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures known as the tabla. The first to complete a previously agreed pattern will shout “Loteria” and will be declared the winner.

Loteria Cards are pictures of people, animals, and objects that are widely recognized throughout Mexico. El Diablito wears a red gym shorts, red flip flops, a fake mustache and goatee beard, pointy ears, and devil horn hair clips for the El Diablito Loteria Card.

About El Diablito from Loteria Cards

“El Diablito” is another iconic character in the traditional Mexican game of Lotería. This devilish figure is depicted as mischievous and playful, often shown with a mischievous grin or engaging in funny antics. In the game, players draw cards with different images, and El Diablito adds a fun and unpredictable element to the gameplay. He represents the unpredictability of life and adds a touch of excitement to the Lotería experience.

The Loteria game originated in the 15th century in Italy and was brought to New Spain (Mexico) in 1769, as a hobby for the upper classes. It eventually became a traditional game for everyone in Mexico.

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