Lalaloopsy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Lalaloopsy was released by MGA Entertainment in 2010, and ever since has been wowing little girls all over the world. The idea behind these 13-inch rag dolls is to teach little kids that everyone is unique and you can create new things from old things.

There are a lot of Lalaloopsy dolls but they started out with 8 original dolls. One of them is Peanut Big Top. She wears a polka-dotted top, an orange tutu, black and white-striped tights, and a pair of pink boots. She also has purple yarn hair, tied back into two ponytails using red ribbon. Here’s everything you need to look like Peanut Big Top from Lalaloopsy.

How to Make Lalaloopsy Costume

Lalaloopsy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red and White Polka Dot Top Peanut Big Top loves her polka dots so wear that on your top.
2 Orange Tutu Peanut Big Top also likes wearing her bright orange tutu for more frill.
3 Black and White-Striped Tights Pair your tutu with a simple black and white-striped tights.
4 Pink Boots Another bright piece from Peanut Big Top’s outfit is her pink boots.
5 Orange Fingerless Gloves Match your tutu with adorable orange fingerless gloves.
6 Pink Belt Keep your tutu from moving a lot with a pink belt.
7 Face Paint Make yourself look like a Lalaloopsy doll with face paint.
8 Purple Wig in Pigtails Wear a purple wig to copy Peanut Big Top’s hairstyle.
9 Red Ribbon Hair Ties You should also wear a pair of red ribbons because Peanut Big Top does.
10 Peanut Big Top Doll Why not bring along a real Lalaloopsy Peanut Big Top doll along?
11 Jewel Sparkles Costume Set Want to be another Lalaloopsy? Well, you can transform your kid into Jewel Sparkles with this costume set.

About Lalaloopsy

When Lalaloopsy was launched back in 2010 by MGA Entertainment, the brand was named Bitty Buttons.

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