Pilgrims Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Pilgrim Couple’s Costume

The pilgrim’s couple costume is a simple way to match with your partner during the costume party season. The female counterpart’s costume can be recreated with a white blouse and long skirt. Then add a bonnet and wear a black pair of shoes. The male pilgrim, on the other hand, has a black long sleeved-top and black pants. He has a pilgrim hat, a belt, and black shoes.

Nail the Pilgrim Couple look with these items:

How to make Female Pilgrim Costume

Female Pilgrim Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White top with ribbon Get this top with a black ribbon.
2 Black Cardigan Top the shirt with a black cardigan.
3 White Skirt Piar the top with this skirt.
4 Black Cloth Add a contrast accent at the bottom of the skirt with black cloth.
5 Bonnet Wear this bonnet.
6 Black Shoes Complete the look with this pair of shoes.
7 Basket Carry a basket for props.
8 Full Costume You may also cop this full costume.

How to make Male Pilgrim Costume

Male Pilgrim Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Balck top Wear a black longsleeved top.
2 White Collar Attach a white collar.
3 Black Belt Accentuate the top with a black belt with a gold buckle.
4 Black Pants Wear black pants.
5 White Socks Keep the look cool with this long socks.
6 Black Shoes Pair the socks with this shoe.
7 Hat Add on a pilgrim top hat.
8 Costume set For a packaged set, get this costume.

About Pilgrims

Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony were said to be the first settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They established their colony in 1620 and were mostly followers of the Puritan Calvinist belief. They were from England but had to seperate from the Church of England and fled to the Netherlands. When in Holland, they set their sails to America to establish their own colony.

The Pilgrims became a central theme and subjects for the settler’s story and the term pilgrim has become synonymous with early European settlers in the USA.