Lamp and Moth Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lamp & Moth Costume

Lamp And Moth Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lamp Costume

# Item Description
1 White T-Shirt Begin with this white T-shirt for your white lamp costume.
2 White Pants Match your shirt with this pair of chino white pants.
3 White Sneakers Continue with the color scheme by getting these white sneakers.
4 Shiny Metallic Gloves Choose to wear these shiny metallic gloves to act as the on/off switch for your lamp attire.
5 White Bell Lampshade Complete your outfit by donning this white bell-shaped lampshade on your head.

How to Make Moth Costume

# Item Description
1 Black and Brown Short Dress Get this black and brown short dress for your obsessive moth costume.
2 Brown Sandals Pick these brown summer sandals to add to your outfit.
3 Moth Antenna Hairband Look more insect-like by wearing this moth antenna hairband.
4 Masquerade Lace Eyemask Add to the exotic look by donning this lace masquerade eye mask.
5 Moth Wings Complete your wardrobe with these moth wings.

Lamp and Moth are featured in a popular classic story which depicts the extreme attraction of moths to light, to the extent of leading themselves to die a blazing death as they lovingly approach the searing flames to satisfy their longing. The story is an anecdote on the tragedy of being attracted to something without considering the consequences. The stories may have sprung from the English idiom “moth to a flame”.

Lamp and Moth are a tragic pair. They wear a white T-shirt, white pants, white sneakers, shiny metallic gloves, and a white bell lampshade for Lamp; and a black and brown short dress, brown sandals, a moth antenna hairband, a lace masquerade eye mask, and moth wings for Moth.

About Lamp and Moth

The story of the Lamp and Moth is very well known to Filipino children as it is the most often cited story relating to the country’s National Hero Jose Rizal that was told around since the 1800’s.

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