Warlock Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Warlock’s Costume

Make a magical entrance at any costume party with this warlock costume. Get the pieces below:

Warlock Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tail Coat Start with a a fancy-looking coat.
2 Crystal Ribbon Then style the coat with silver accents using appliques or ribbons.
3 Silver Neckerchief Add more silver details with this neckerchief.
4 Black Hood Layer the outfit with this cape.
5 Black Pants Pair the top with black pants
6 Black Boots Keep the all-dark look with these boots.
7 Black Gloves Then wear a pair of gloves.
8 Warlock Staff Carry a warlock staff.
9 White Beard And then get this optional beard.
10 Costume You may also get this warlock costume.

The warlock is another fun costume to make when attending your Halloween party. Start off with a coat with vest to start the look then top it with a dark hooded cape for volume. Style the coat and pants with silver or metallic patches or ribbon to add accent. Then finish with a pair of boots, black gloves, and a sorcerer’s staff.

About Warlock

Warlocks are men who are believed to wield magic. They may mean the same as the other commont erm of magic folk such as wizards or sorcerers. They are also often considered as a counterpart of the witch, viewed with negativity as they are said to deceive others or use their power against other people.

John Napier was accused to being a warlock for his study on astronomy but was never persecuted because of his stature as a man of science.