Miss Frizzle (The Magic School Bus) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Miss Frizzle Costume

Miss Frizzle Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dress, space themed Miss Frizzle is a science teacher obsessed with space, so of course she wears a space themed dress all the time. The dress itself is pretty cool and actually really lovely.
2 Heels, red Red kitten heels pair very well with this outfit and the red plays wonderfully off the blue of the dress. Miss Frizzle is a very colorful character, so of course her outfit is full of color as well.
3 Wig, orange Miss Frizzle has bright orange hair, this wig is quite similar to her own hair and makes a good look for the costume.
4 Earrings, spaceship There’s a space themed dress, so why not space themed earrings as well? These earrings are just another way to say crazy science teacher.
5 Attachable collar The dress Miss Frizzle originally wears has a peter pan collar. You can achieve the same look with this attachable one.
6 Toy lizard Carry this toy lizard around with you to further convince others of your Miss Frizzle costume. She herself has a lizard she takes around with her.
7 Full costume For your convenience, you can also find the full costume version of Miss Frizzle’s costume.

The outfit of the funky teacher Miss Frizzle is definitely a very cool costume for a teacher. The costume would look cool on anyone, but especially for a teacher. Miss Frizzle’s costume consists of a very unique blue dress covered in items you would find in space, a green lizard toy as your pet, some bright red heels, and a statement-making orange wig. The costume is pretty uncomplicated to make yourself and turns out very fun in the end.

About Miss Frizzle

Miss Frizzle is the main character and crazy science teacher on the children’s educational cartoon television show, The Magic School Bus. In the show, Miss Frizzle takes her students around in her magic school bus to teach them about different scientific things. At the same time, the kids actually watching the show are able to learn a lot about science from her too. The show originally aired during the mid to late 90s and during those years Miss Frizzle was voiced by Lily Tomlin.