Abbey Bominable's (Monster High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Abbey Bominable’s Costume from Monster High

Abbey Bominable Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Printed Dress Start with a dress that features geometric patterns.
2 White Tights Then, get a pair of shiny tights to represent the winter snow.
3 Shawl Add a shawl, too.
4 Snowflake Earrings You can also wear a snowflake-shaped pair of earrings.
5 Cuff and Leg Warmer Keep the outfit cozy for the winter with a cuff and leg combo.
6 Headband Get a white headband.
7 Ombre Wig Add soft colors to the costume with this wig.
8 Blue Makeup Add a layer of blue body paint to nail her skin tone.
9 Eyeshadow Keep the look stunning with pink and purple eyeshadow.
10 Lipstick Complete the stunning costume with pink lips.

Abbey may be a yeti but she sure knows how to take a fashionable spin to the winter look. You can start to recreate her look with a dress with geometric patterns. Then, be sure to add snowy elements to the look with a pair of white tights, a headband, faux fur of fuzzy cuffs and leg warmers. Be sure to add a layer of blue paint to recreate her skin color.

About Abbey Bominable

Abbey Bominable is a character from the animated series Monster High. Abbey is introduced as a yeti who attends school at Monster High. She hails from the Himalayan mountain range and then went to the Boonited States of Scaremerica. Her personality is seen as tough (tough ghoul) who experiences the differences in life from the Himalayas and in the new city.