Cerise Hood (Ever After High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Cerise Hood’s Costume from Ever After High

Turn heads with your red stunner of a costume! Cop Cerise Hood’s costume must-haves below:

Cerise Hood Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Checkered Top Look for a red and black checkered top.
2 Leather Waist Band Style the top with a leather waist band.
3 Gold Body Chain Wear a metallic body chain near the skirt for added accent.
4 Grey Tights Wear grey tights or stockings. Printed ones are optional but it can add a fun texture to the look.
5 Pleated Skater Skirt Wear a black pleated skater skirt.
6 Wedge Boots Wear a pair of brown wedge boots with the skirt and tights.
7 Wig with white streaks Keep the look edgy with a dark with designed with white streaks.
8 Red Hooded Cape Make sure to top your locks with a red hooded cape. You can get a cape made for kids so the it falls mid-length.
9 Picnic Basket Carry a small picnic basket.

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and you can expect her to always rock her red hooded cape. She matches her cape with a checkered red top and skater skirt with metallic belts.

She also wears grey leggings and stockings with her brown wedge boots. To complete her look, wear dark smoky eye make-up and a wig with white streaks. Go full circle and carry a picnic basket, too!

Cerise Hood Makeup Tutorial

About Cerise Hood

Cerise Hood is a character in a doll franchise “Ever After High”. She is introduced as the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood.

She is also the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf hence her wolf ears which she covers with her red hood. This is also her way to hide her Wolf heritage. She has a special ability to stealthily travel through shadows without being seen and is highly athletic.

Cerise is also on the Rebels side and is said to have been punished by Destiny with her set of wolf ears (as she was supposed to have not been born from a union between Red Riding Hood and the Wolf).