Spartan King Leonidas (300) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Spartan King Leonidas’s Costume from 300

These items are the Spartan costume must-haves:

300 Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Abs Shirt Recreate Leonidas’ abs with a printed shirt.
2 Gladiator Type Skirt Match top with brown gladiator-inspired skirt.
3 Shoulder Guard Wear this shoulder armor.
4 Red Cape Wear a red cape to add accent.
5 Arm Guard Cop a pair or leather arm guards.
6 Gladiator Sandals Pair arm guard and skirt with gladiator sandals!
7 Toy shield and sword Complete the look with a fake shield and sword.
8 Helmet to complete the warrior look, get this helmet
9 Tooth Necklace Additional Prop to get detailed look
10 Spear Optional Prop

Leonidas was a great warrior king of the Spartans. He fought on ground so his costume includes gladiator-style bottoms (brief-type or skirt), a red cape, and leather arm and leg guard.

His costume can also include a shoulder armor for added elements. For those who wishes to cover up, wear an abs-printed shirt. He also carries a sword and a shield.

About Leonidas

Leonidas was a renowned Spartan warrior king. In the film, “300”, Leonidas was portrayed by actor Gerard Butler.

The movie follows history after the Battle of Thermopylae which laid the setting for the story of Leonidas 1 from childhood to being king. In the film, Leonidas is shown strategizing how to overthrow the Persians.

A series of events led Leonidas to forming a troop of 300 men who courageously fought and lost from being outnumbered. Leonidas and his 300 men later inspired more Greeks to form an army of 30,000 to face the Persians a year after the 300 succumbed to the enemy.