Matchmaker (Mulan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Matchmaker’s Costume from Mulan

Matchmaker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Cardigan Wear this piece to start the cosplay.
2 Purple Clothes Then cut a piece of this cloth and tie it around your middle.
3 Sash Once the purple cloth is in place, top it off with this sash also around the belly area.
4 Blue Cloth Cut a small piece of this blue cloth and hang it in front of the right chest.
5 Wrap Skirt For the skirt, be sure to top off all the layers above with this dark-colored one.
6 Earrings Keep the look golden with these earrings.
7 Bangles Match your earrings with bracelets, too.
8 Wig For the wig, you can opt for this piece and just remove the accessories.
9 Pink Lipstick Wear this pink lipstick to make your make-up stand out.
10 Palette and Eyeliner Use this make-up palette set to highlight your cheeks and eye shadow as well as the dark mole.

The Matchmaker’s costume comes in a pink and purple hue. While her full costume does not come in conventional modern pieces, you can DIY them and still look great! Add layers of purple, red, blue, and navy blue clothing on top of a purple cardigan. Then wear an Asian-inspired wig in an updo. Complete the cosplay with loud make-up as well!

About Matchmaker

The Matchmaker is a character from the animated film Mulan. She is hired by many families to arrange marriages and evaluate potential spouses. In the film, she can be seen as imposing and intimidating, towering over the ladies. She is also described as very scary. The Matchmaker may have a lot of influencer but many of her predictions did not come true.