Ping (Mulan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ping (Mulan) Costume

Ping Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Beige Kimono Robe Start off your Ping outfit with a lightweight beige kimono robe.
2 Light Brown Capri Pants Match your robe with a slightly dark shade of light brown capri pants.
3 Black Ballet Flats A pair of black ballet flats look a lot like martial arts footwear.
4 White Knee-High Socks Keep your legs warm and covered with a pair of knee-high socks.
5 Green Satin Fabric Use green satin fabric as Ping’s waist belt, hair ties, and arm bands. You can also use the green satin fabric for Ping’s scarf and body armor when he’s dressed for battle.
6 Black Satin Fabric Use the black sating fabric for Ping’s waist belt when he wears his body armor.
7 Black EVA Foam Use lightweight black EVA foam to make Ping’s warrior armor, including his shoulder pads, arm bands, and leg braces.
8 Gray Acrylic Paint Use gray acrylic paint for the edges of Ping’s armor.
9 Sword Prop Mulan also took her father’s sword when she took his place in the army.

Ping is the male alter ego of the titular protagonist in Mulan. Mulan, a strong-willed and loving daughter, bravely decided to take on this persona and enlist herself in the army in place of her aging father.

Despite being somewhat of a non-conformist outcast and a clumsy girl in the beginning, Mulan as Ping proves to be a very persistent and quick-thinking soldier.

Ping is the true embodiment of a dutiful warrior. He wears a beige robe, brown pants, white socks, black flats, and lightweight armor.

About Ping

Ping was voiced by Ming-Na Wen. Wen is also known for her roles in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

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