Froppy (My Hero Academia) for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Froppy Costume

Froppy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hoodie For an easy time, use this Froppy-inspired hoodie for your top.
2 Green Leggings Match your hoodie with a pair of green leggings.
3 Black Thigh High Boots Look more like a superhero with thigh-high black boots.
4 Yellow, Green, & Black Fabric Paint Use fabric paint to create the simple line designs of Froppy’s costume.
5 Wig Make sure to wear a long, green wig to look more like Froppy.
6 Goggles A Froppy costume can’t be complete without her one-of-a-kind goggles.
7 Creme Leather Gloves Keep your big hands protected in a pair of crème leather gloves.
8 Green Face Paint Add a line across your cheeks with green face paint.
9 Full Costume Set Don’t want to DIY? Wear this costume set instead!

Froppy is a student in U.A High School and is training to be a Pro hero in the future. She is blunt and to the point, highly mature, and very responsible. She is also very smart and has a high stamina. She also has a frog-like quirk, which includes swimming, hopping, and having a long tongue.

Froppy’s superhero costume mimics her quirk as she looks very frog-like in it. She wears a green long-sleeved shirt, black thigh-high boots, cream gloves, and her unique goggles.

About Froppy

Froppy was voiced in Japanese by Aoi Yûki. Yûki is also known for her roles in Your Name., Erased, A Silent Voice: The Movie, and Kamen Rider Ghost.

Froppy was voiced in English by Monica Rial. Rial is also known for her roles in Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and Gen: Lock.

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