Ace's (One Piece) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ace’s Costume from One Piece

Ace Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Ace’s Hat Kick off the costume with your very own hat inspired by Ace.
2 Wig Then make sure you also have a mid-length black hair like him.
3 Red Bead Necklace You can also wear these beads as the necklace.
4 Bracelet This custom-made bracelet will also add a nice touch to your cosplay.
5 Black Shorts For the bottoms, you can choose board shorts in black.
6 Brown Belt Style the shorts with this brown belt.
7 Holster Loop in this knife holster to the costume, too.
8 Shoes You can also wear this pair of shoes so it will be easy to move.
9 Bag For the finishing touch, you can also wear this backpack.

Ace’s costume may not include a shirt but his accessories and the items he put on his pants make his costume interesting. One of the most detailed items on his cosplay is the hat. Once you have it, you can proceed with wearing a mid-length wig, red bracelet, and a red bead necklace. Ace wears a pair of shorts with a belt and a holster, too. Complete the costume by wearing a pair of boots or high-cut sneakers in black.

About Ace

Ace is a character from the manga and anime series One Piece. His full name is Portgas D. Ace but his birth name is Gol D. Ace. Ace is the son of Pirate King Gol. D. Roger and Portgas D. Rouge. He was then adopted by Monkey D. Garp. In the story, Luffy considers him a brother. In his lifetime, Ace became the 2nd division commander at Whitebeard Pirates and a captain of Spade Pirates. His capture and death led to the Summit War of Marineford.