Lewis and Clark Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lewis and Clark’s Costume

Both Lewis and Clark were commissioned to make the first voyage towards the uncharted territories in the USA. They are depicted in art as wearing native-inspired colors and elements in their military gear.

Cop their main looks with a white turtleneck, a brown button-down shirt with collar, and a frilled vest. Pair all of these with brown pants and boots.

For Lewis’ costume, be sure to cop a white wig and a tricorne har. Meanwhile, Clark carries a dagger and has brown hair. Both carry a rifle so be sure to get a toy version.

These are the pieces you can get to wear Lewis and Clark’s costume well:

For Meriwether Lewis Costume

Meriwether Lewis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Turtleneck Start off with thus white turtleneck too.
2 Brown Button Down Then wear a brown button-down on top
3 Frill Vest Go all out with the layering with a frilly vest.
4 Brown Pants Match your earth-toned top with brown pants.
5 Black Belt Then wear black belt across the chest.
6 Brown Boots Wear this pair of brown boots.
7 White Wig Then cop a white wig like Lewis’.
8 Tricorne Hat Top the wig with a tricorne hat.
9 Toy Rifle Then carry a toy rifle as prop.

For William Clark Costume

William Clark Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Turtleneck Start the costume with a turtleneck top, too.
2 Brown Button Down Wear a brown button-down shirt too.
3 Frill Vest Don’t forget to add on the frill vest.
4 Brown Pants Then wear it with brown pants.
5 Dagger Holster Wear a toy dagger and holster by the shoulder or waist.
6 Brown Boots Make sure to also pair the outfit with brown boots
7 Brown Wig Wear a wig like Clark’s brown hair.
8 Toy Rifle Carry a toy rifle, too.

About Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis and William were the leaders if the Lewis and Clark Expedition also known as Corps of Discovery. Their trip lasted for two years starting May 1804 to September of 1806. The said expedition is the first of many efforts to cross the western part of the USA.

Captain Lewis was a soldier, explorer, and public administrator. In 1801, he was appointed as Secretary to the President where he further learned how to deal with politics. He recruited Clark to command the expedition with him. He is also a known slaveholder and was appointed as agent for Indian affairs.