Marie Antoinette Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Marie Antoinette Costume

Marie Antoinette Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gown, frilly This gown is very elegant and quite frilly. It has all the flounces Marie would want and is in quite a similar fashion to her own dresses.
2 Hoop, underskirt You can use this crinoline hoop skirt to add more volume under the gown. Marie’s dresses were always crazy large, so this underskirt can help you achieve that.
3 Fan, feather, white It was popular to have a feathered fan like this one in Marie’s time, so it is a good item to include in your costume for more bling.
4 Wig, white Women had white powdered during those days, and they had very extravagant hair styles. You could say Marie was the queen of hair.
5 Hat, feathered This little feathered hat is exactly the thing Marie Antoinette would include in an outfit.
6 Earrings, large These large expensive looking earrings are a great piece to include in this costume. Marie loved her jewels.
7 Choker, white Chokers were very popular in Marie’s era. She wore many chokers similar to this white lace one.
8 Boots, heeled, white These white boots are very glamorous compared to most boots. From their dainty heel to their pretty lace-work, they are indeed fit for a queen.
9 Full Costume If you want to save time & money.

As a French Queen, you might think that Marie Antoinette would have a very extravagant and expensive sense of style, but she took it to new heights. She dressed in frills and flounces, and used plenty of feathers too.

Her gowns were huge with so many underskirts and hoop-skirts, and then they had even more fabric added to make them even more voluminous. She wore lots of lacy and stone encrusted jewelry that cost the kingdom a fortune.

Even her shoes were glamorous and had bows on them. Marie’s hair was also a very large part of her look. She always had it done in a stylish and very extravagant way.

Marie Antoinette Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Marie Antoinette was very pale on purpose, and had bright blush painted on her face. Her innocent and young makeup look is one you can easily achieve by following this tutorial.

About Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France during the late 1700s. She is famous for her extravagant style and her excessive lifestyle.

She was Queen for several years until the French Revolution, but ultimately was executed at the guillotine.

One of her most famous lines is,”Let them eat cake”, which she said when she was told that the people in her country were starving while she lived an excessive lifestyle