Joan of Arc Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Joan of Arc’s Costume

This is the best time to dress like a heroine. Cop the pieces below.

Joan Of Arc Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Metallic Unitard Replicate the shine of a metallic armor with a silver bodycon unitard.
2 Armor Cuff Wear an armor cuff on each arm.
3 Corset Pair the bodysuit with a shiny corset.
4 Shoulder Armor Complete the look with a shoulder armour
5 Leg Guard Wear leg guards.
6 Silver Shoes Complete the metallic army gear with silver shoes.
7 Printed fabric Tie a loose, printed fabric at the waist for contrast accent. Then use excess fabric and tie to a pole or stick to serve as Joan’s banner
8 Short Wig Wear a short brunette wig.
9 Armor Set For a packged armor set, cop this full gear and peronalize accordingly.
10 Full costume Custom made costume for kids

Joan of Arc led France to its late victory in the 100 Years War. This feat was achieved by her wearing an armour and military gear in her campaigns. To pay homage to Joan, gather and wear military-inspired garb, armour and metallic-toned bottoms. Wear arm gear or leg support, if available. To add accent, drape a flowy skirt. Joan also sported a short bob, so cop a wig accordingly. To complete the look, carry a banner with the costume.

About Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is s a war heroine. She was born in France from a family in the countryside during the 100 Years War. In her youth she experienced apparations of Catholic saints and claimed to have been instructed by God to bring the Dauphin at Reims to be coronated as king and save France.

Joan did an amazing at feat the Siege of Orleans wherein her victory led to France eventually winning the war. However, after successfuls campaigns, she was captured by the English and was put to a politically-motivated trial for heresy (alleged cross-dressing which was against the Faith at that time). She was burned at a stake. Later on, she was canonized as a Saint of the Catholic Church.