Vidia (Tinker Bell) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Vidia Costume

Vidia Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark Purple Sleeveless V-Neck Shirt with Collar Begin your speedy fairy costume with this sleeveless dark purple V-neck shirt with a collar.
2 Dark Purple Comfort Boot Cut Pants Partner your top with this pair of dark purple boot-cut pants.
3 Purple Slip On Shoes Stay quick and nimble by putting on these slip-on purple shoes.
4 Wine Red Thirteen Panel Dance Skirt Choose this thirteen-panel red dance skirt for your fairy skirt.
5 Fairy Wings Hover around or fly at full speed with this pair of fairy wings.
6 Black Long Beehive Wig Look more like your sly character by donning this long black beehive wig.
7 Dark Red Headband Style your hair and look accordingly with this dark red headband.

Vidia is a major character in the 2008 Walt Disney Pictures computer-animated movie Tinker Bell. She is the fastest flying fairy in Pixie Hollow and a rival of Tinker Bell. This sly, vindictive, and sarcastic fairy initially dislikes Tinker Bell. She often challenges Tinker Bell to prove herself and eventually tricks her in order to get her in trouble.

Vidia, in due time, became much friendlier with Tinker Bell and her friends. She wears a sleeveless dark purple V-neck shirt with a collar, dark purple boot-cut pants, slip-on purple shoes, a thirteen-panel wine red dance skirt, fairy wings, and has long black beehive hair styled with a dark red headband.

About Vidia

Vidia is a character from the popular Disney Fairies franchise, specifically the Tinker Bell film series. She first appeared in the 2008 film “Tinker Bell” and has since become one of the most recognizable characters in the series.

Vidia is a fast-flying fairy who prides herself on her speed and agility. She possesses a somewhat rebellious and mischievous nature, often challenging authority and going against conventions. She can be seen as somewhat self-centered and iñtially struggles to see beyond her own ambitions.

Despite her flaws, Vidia has a complexity to her character and shows moments of growth throughout the films. In “Tinker Bell,” she initially clashes with Tinker Bell due to their differing talents, but eventually forms a unique bond with her as they work together to save Pixie Hollow.

Throughout subsequent films in the series, Vidia undergoes further character development as she learns valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and sacrificing personal desires for the greater good. As time passes, she becomes more empathetic and understanding of others.

One significant aspect of Vidia’s personality is her ability to manipulate plant potions to carry messages or create illusions. This adds an interesting dimension to her character as she utilizes her skills for both mischievous purposes and ultimately for aiding others when needed.

Vidia’s distinctive appearance includes vibrant purple clothing, long hair tied up in braids, and large wings that allow her to fly at remarkable speeds. Her design reflects her confident and independent personality while also demonstrating her connection to nature.

Overall, Vidia serves as an important secondary character within the Tinker Bell film series. Through her complex journey of personal growth and development, she teaches audiences important lessons about acceptance, friendship, and finding one’s place in the world.

Vidia was voiced by Pamela Adlon. Adlon is also known for her roles in Better Things, Louie, Grease 2, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

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