How to Make Pocahontas Costume

Pocahontas Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dress, Native-American-style Pocahontas is depicted in a gorgeous tan rawhide dress with fringe made out of the same material adding depth and accents to the dress.
2 Headband, feather The feather headband is a cute accessory to add to your costume. Pocahontas wears it at times and look incredible.
3 Armband, maroon Pocahontas wears this beautiful armband piece on her upper arm.
4 Necklace, blue This blue necklace is an important piece of Pocahontas’s outfit, and she is never seen without it.
5 Raccoon, stuffed, toy This stuffed raccoon toy represents Pocahontas’s raccoon friend Meeko. Pocahontas is close with many animals, but Meeko is her best friend.
6 Wig, black, long Pocahontas has very long black hair that is also very straight, which you can achieve with the help of this cute wig.
7 Flats, tan Pocahontas goes barefoot, but for this costume you can wear these beige or tan flats that might blend into your own skin and give the same effect of barefeet.

Pocahontas wears a stunning garb based on real Native-American clothing. This clothing is made of rawhide and leather, which is animal skin, and fits in with the timeline of her story. Her style is very carefree and almost kind of wild.

She completely forgoes any shoes, instead preferring to roam around barefoot, as was done by Natives during that time.

Her dress is very simple, with just a few fringe details, and the only accessories she has is an armband and necklace. For the sake of the costume, tan flats are a good option for your feet so that you don’t have to walk barefoot.

Another cute item that would make the costume even better, is to have a stuffed raccoon, like Pocahontas’s friend & pet Meeko, that you could take around with you while in costume.

Pocahontas Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Pocahontas has pretty natural makeup, but for a little more glamorous costume look, you can follow this makeup tutorial.

About Pocahontas

Pocahontas is a historic character whose life many stories have been based around. This movie adaptation of Pocahontas is a very popular Disney movie that was made back in the 50s, but is still popular and watched to this day.

Pocahontas is praised for being a very strong and courageous Disney princess for her deeds in the movie that were based on the real Pocahontas’s life. Irene Bedard is a voice actress that is the voice behind Disney’s Pocahontas, and of Native-American decent herself.