How to Make Olive Oyl and Popeye’s Costume from Popeye

Nail this couple costume with these items below:

Popeye Costume Guide

Popeye The Sailor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Button Down Wear a black shirt. Cut circular shapes from Olive’s yellow tape and put on the shirt as buttons.
2 Red Collar Wear a red sailor collar around the neck
3 Blue tape Put a blue tape accent on the sleeves
4 Blue Pants Match the top with blue pants
5 Yellow Belt Style the pants with a yellow belt.
6 Sailor Cap Top the look with a white sailor cap.
7 Brown Shoes Slip on a pair of deck shoes.
8 Toy Tobacco Pipe Get a toy tobacco pipe as prop.
9 Green Paper Cut a green strip of paper that can go around a can.
10 Soda Can Save a soda can and wrap with paper. Write Spinach on the center.
11 Eye Pencil Use eye liner or eye pencil cosmetics to draw an anchor tattoo on the arm.
12 Full Costume Set For those who wish to cop the costume as a pack, get this costume set.

Olive Oyl Costume Guide

Popeye The Sailor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red long-sleeved shirt with white collar Cop Olive’s signature red top with a white collar.
2 Black Skirt Pair the top with a black skirt.
3 Yellow Tape Line the bottom part of the skirt with yellow tape.
4 Brown Slipper Boots Wear slipper boots.
5 Hair Bun Wear a hair bun to complete Olive’s look
6 Costume Set You may also cop this packaged set for Olive Oyl’s costume.

Cop the looks of iconic couple Popeye and Olive Oyl. For the ladies, they can wear a red long-sleeved top with white collar, a black skirt, and brown ankle boots. Tie the hair in a bun, too! For Popeye, wear a sailor’s top uniform, blue pants with yellow belt, a sailor’s hat, and a tobacco pipe. To complete his look, draw an anchor tattoo on the right arm and carry a toy can of spinach.

About Olive Oyl an Popeye

Olive Oyl and Popeye are characters from the iconic comic, film, and television franchise “Popeye”. They are in a relationship and later on got married. Olive is depicted as a damsel in distress who is often saved by Popeye. However, she also has her assertive side and is not afraid to call out things that angers her.

Meanwhile, Popeye is a sailor who has been through numerous adventures. He is described as a man with a tough personality and sports an iconic squinting eye. He is described as compassionate (going out of his way to help others). He and Olive go through their ups and downs and the series follows their lives and happenings.