Bluto (Popeye) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bluto’s Costume from Popeye

Here are some items that can help you look like Bluto

Bluto Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Muscle shirt Be bulky like Bluto with this belly stuffer.
2 Black Polo Shirt Get your black polo shirt on top of the belly stuffer.
3 Blue Belt Get your blue belt to style your pants with.
4 Yellow Pants Add this yellow pair of pants to liven up the costume.
5 White Bandana Use this bandana as a neckerchief.
6 Boat Shoes Keep the sailor look going with this pair of boat shoes.
7 Sailor Hat Match your bandana with this sailor hat.
8 Fake Facial Hair You can nail Bluto’s costume with this set of fake facial hair, too.

Blute the Terrible is one of the most iconic villain characters in early animation. He is known to use brute force against the lead character Popeye. To get his costume, start off by putting on some “weight” from a belly stuffing! Then top it off with a black polo shirt styled with a white bandana.

Then wear a pair of yelloe pants with a blue belt and finish it off with brown shoes. Complete the costume by getting your fake beard and a sailor hat!

About Bluto

Bluto is a character from the hit comic strip and later on cartoon franchise, Popeye. He is seen as a cruel and muscular man who bullies lead character Popeye. He is also after the hand of Olive Oyl in the series. In the story, he usually uses brute force to meet his missions and goals. In the cartoon adaptation, his voice matched his character as it is loud and harsh.