Dutch van der Linde (Red Dead Redemption) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dutch van der Linde’ Costume from Red Dead

You can recreate his costume with these items:

Dutch van der Linde Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White button-down Start with this crisp white top.
2 Vest Then layer the shirt with this vest.
3 Gold Buttons Decorate the vest with golden buttons.
4 Pea Coat Top it off with this coat.
5 Pinstripe Pants Pair the peacoat with these pants.
6 Belt Style the pants with this belt with golden buckle.
7 Gun Holster Wear a holster too.
3 Cowboy Boots These boots will complete your outfit.
9 Hat A dark hat will add a touch of elegance to the costume.
10 Fake Facial Hair For a final touch, add fake facial hair to your costume.

Dutch is a leader in his own group that is why his clothing also has a touch of high-class vibe. To cop this cool attire, wear a long-sleeved button shirt under a vest. Decorate the vest with gold buttons. Top the vest with a peacoat and pair it with pinstripe pants. Carry a gun holster, a hat, and fake bears for a complete Dutch van der Linde look!

About Dutch van der Linde

Dutch van der Linde is a character from from video game franchise Red Dead. He is also best known in the game’s third installation Red Dead Redemption II. Dutch is the leader of his gang. He is known to fight corruption and will work towards the eradication of such. He believes that violence can be a way to change society.