Noob-Noob (Rick and Morty) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Noob-Noob’s Costume from Rick and Morty

Noob Noob Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain White T-shirt Start with a crips white t-shirt.
2 Purple Cape Top the shirt with a purple cape
3 Pink Eye Mask Cop a pink eye mask. Attach paper eyeball cut-outs.
4 Neutral-toned Mask Wear a full-coverage mask to highlight the pink eye-mask and Noob-Noob’s elongated head.
5 Pink Briefs. Bring out your pink briefs.
6 White Leggings Accentuate pink briefs with a crisp white pair of leggings.
7 Navy Boots Finish the look with a pair of navy boots.

Even as a janitor, Noob-Noob still loves to dress the part of an important superhero. He pulls off his intern-slash-cleaner look with quintessential superhero outfit elements such as a purple cape and a magenta eye-mask which he also matched with his super briefs. The rest of his outfit consists of a white tee, leggings, and navy-colored boots. A floor mop will also score you style points!

Ready to sweep the floor and earn amazed looks with this cool costume? Find out where you can get your Noob-Noob pieces below.

About Noob-Noob

Noob-Noob is a character in sci-fi show “Rick and Morty”. Noob-Noob works as an intern and a janitor for the superhero team called The Vindicators. Even with his hardwork and dedication to the group, Noob-Noob feels underappreciated and unackowlegded, leading many to catch on his favorite phrase “god damn” as his way to cope with the stress of his current situation.

Noob-Noob is depicted as a sad creature, literally wearing the long face as he cleans up after his group. He can be seen as a pathetic character, an underdog, but one who Rick values more than his superhero counterparts.