Scary Terry (Rick and Morty) Csotume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Scary Terry’s Costume from Rick and Morty

Scary Terry has the makings of a classic monster antagonist: a deformed, discolored face, lethal limbs, sharp teeth, and the eyes of a vengeful character. However, these features are balanced out with his seemingly casual and laidback attire consisting of a striped green sweater, gray pants, and a fedora.

Scary Terry’s character is quite inspired from Freddy Krueger, so be sure to dress like him in your next costume party.

So dress like this nightmare with the pieces you can find below!

Scary Terry Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Striped Sweater Start the look with a striped green sweater.
2 Dark Grey Pants Pair sweater with dark grey pants
3 Mask If this mask is expensive, you can recreate Scary Terry’s deformed face with a pink full-coverage mask. Add paper crumbs under for rougher texture.
4 Brown Fedora Hat Scary Terry wears a fedora so be sure to cop one.
5 Unibrow Underneath the fedora, he also sports a unibrow. Wear a fake mustache to improvise.
6 Red Fingerless Gloves Next, get a pair of red fingerless gloves.
7 Knife Fingers Finish the gloved hand with sharp knife fingers.
8 Loafers Complete the look with brown loafers.
9 Fangs Stay in character with fake fangs.

About Scary Terry

Scary Terry is a character in the hit sci-fi cartoon show “Rick and Morty”. He first appeared as an antagonist in the series. At one point, he tried to kill Rick and Morty but ended up failing to do so. In one of his dreams, the duo protagonists intercept him in his sleep and became friends with him.

Under the scary appearance and nightmarish antics, Scary Terry deeply roots his touchy personality with the insecurity of not being scary enough. This worry in him was appeased a bit after Rick and Morty visited him in his dreams. Scary Terry is also the husband of Melissa and father of Scary Brandon.