How to make Roger Rabbit costume

Roger Rabbit Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt Fake Roger’s white furry skin by wearing a white long-sleeved dress shirt.
2 Red Overalls Roger loves his bright red overalls so make sure to wear a pair to get that classic cartoonish look.
3 Blue Polka Dot Bow Tie Add a blue bow tie with polka dots as a design to complete Roger’s outfit.
4 Yellow Gloves No Roger Rabbit costume is complete without his yellow gloves so don’t forget about those!
5 Bunny Ears Look like a bunny with these amazingly soft bunny ears.
6 Bunny Shoes Roger doesn’t have shoes but going barefoot may be a tad bit uncomfortable for you. So wear this awesome pair of bunny feet.
7 Full Costume Set If you’re running out of time making your own costume, this Roger Rabbit full costume set is a good alternative!

Very much a toon in a hybrid world of both cartoons and reality, Roger Rabbit’s childlike personality can be a disadvantage for him. He’s energetic, funny, innocent, and not very bright. But he does love his wife, Jessica, very much. He’s downright silly, a bit clumsy, and cowardly but his stutter has made him beloved with his fans.

Roger Rabbit looks like a white anthropomorphized rabbit with clothes. He prefers bright red overalls, a blue polka-dotted bow tie, and yellow gloves. Here’s everything you need to look like Roger Rabbit.

About Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit was played by actor Charles Fleischer.

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