Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Sailor Saturn’s Costume from Sailor Moon

This is where you can cop Sailor Saturn’s purple hero look:

Sailor Saturn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White top Wear a white blouse.
2 Feather Shawl Wear a feather shawl under the blouse to recreate Saturn’s shoulder pads.
3 Maroon Cloth Get at least a yard of maroon or burgundy fabric. From here, cut pieces for the bows.
4 Purple Ribbon Cop a purple ribbon and fashion a choker and glove hems from it.
5 Purple Skater Skirt Match top with a purple skirt.
6 White Gloves Wear white of gloves and decorate with purple accent.
7 Accessories Complete the Sailor Soldier charm with a crystal tiara, brooch, earring and collar
8 Black Wig Wear a bob cut wig.
9 Purple Boots Slip on a pair of purple boots to match the skirt.
10 Scythe Get this Glaive or get a toy scythe as props
11 Costume set This is Sailor Saturn costume pack is also available.

Sailor Saturn wears a blouse with shoulder pads and purple collar.The top also sports a maroon ribbon at the front and back side. Her skirt, glove hem, boots, and choker are all in purple. She also wears a jewelry on her forehead. Carry a scythe as props to complete the look.

About Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn is a character in the manga and anime series “Sailor Moon”. In the series, her human form takes the name Hotaru Tomoe. She is the last member to join Sailor Guardians, a group of superhumans tasked to protect the Solar System.

She is a formidable force in the System as her powers are massive enough to wipe out planets and systems, or even reset evolution. She was made a cyborg by her father following a near-death experience after a storm and fire. She became the vessel of Daimon Mistress 9, who made her body weak. Events lead to Hotaru to sacrifice her life, only to be brought to Earth again by Sailor Moon as an infant.