Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sailor Venus’ Costume from Sailor Moon

Look bright in your next Sailor Venus costume. Cop the items below:

Sailor Venus Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White top Cop a white blouse
2 Blue Bow Decorate blouse with blue bow
3 Yellow Cloth Style a bigger bow from a piece of yellow cloth and attach to the back of the blouse
4 Yellow Orange Ribbon Get a ribbon and cut pieces for the choker and glove accent.
5 Yellow Orange Skirt Complete the look with yellow orange skirt.
6 White Gloves Nail the Sailor Soldier look with white gloves.
7 Brooch and Tiara Wear a tiara on head and add brooch to the top
8 Blonde Wig Cop a long blonde wig.
9 Red hair bow Style the wig with a red bow.
10 Yellow Orange Mary Jane Heels Wear this color palette-ready heels with strap.
11 Beaded Chain Wear a red beaded chain as belt
12 Costume set You may also cop this pre-packahed set.
13 Sword Optional prop

Sailor Venus wear a white blouse with yellow-orange skirt. Her collar, choker, and glove accents are also in yellow orange. Meanwhile, the bow on her chest is blue while the one at the back is light yellow. Like the other Sailor Soldiers, she has a jewelry piece across the forehead and a beaded belt chain on the hips. She also wears a pair of heels with ankle straps.

About Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus is a character in the manga and anime series “Sailor Moon”. Her human identity is named Minako Aino. As a super hero, she is a member of Sailor Soldiers who is a group on a mission to protect the Solar System.

Matching her golden locks and personality, Sailor Venus’ powers include those of love, beauty, light, and gold. She also dreamt of becoming a pop star (an idol). As a human, Minako already showcases superb physical ability but still has to transform in order to tap her other powers.