Blair (Soul Eater) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Blair’s Costume from Soul Eater

Blair’s costume features a black dress with peeking white hem. She styles this dress with thigh-high boots, a witch hat, as well as gloves with loose fabric. To cop her look, be sure to also wear a purple wig and add a silver foil at the center of the neckline.

Soul Eater’s Blair has the most coveted outfits in the series. Be sure to nail each piece of her costume with the items below:

Blair Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Dress Look for a black halterneck mini dress.
2 Petticoat skirt Match the dress with a white skirt underneath to act as petticoat.
3 Boots Chanel your inner Blair witch with a pair thigh-high pointy boots.
4 Gloves Wear fingerless gloves.
5 Black Fabric Match the gloves with a strip of loose fabric. Attach to the hem near the elbow for a smooth finish
6 Pointy Witch Hat Complete the witch look with a pointy hat!
7 Purple Wig Get Blair’s signature locks with a purple wig.
8 Necklace Get this necklace accessory to complete the look.

About Blair

Blair is a character in the manga “Soul Eater”. She was first mistaken as a witch by the main character when she is, in fact, a monster cat (although her appearance looks to be inspired from typical witch design).

She is described as kindhearted and on the look-out for fun things to do. She can transform into a cat and has zero to little concern about being naked. Her special abilities include Monster Cat Psychology, Transformation, Magic, and Taijutsu or hand-to-hand combat.