Monster Princess Do-S Costume from One-Punch Man for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Monster Princess Do-S’ Costume from One-Punch Man

Monster Princess Do S Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bikini Start the costume with this two-piece bikini.
2 Harness Lingerie Then, get a harness lingerie for the main point of the costume.
3 Studded Collar Do-S also wears a collar.
4 Mask Get a black mask.
5 Patch Get a patch sticker containing letter “S” and put it on both sides of the mask.
6 Heart Sticker Stick a heart shape on your forehead.
7 Wig Add this long wig to the costume.
8 Flower Style the wig with this cool flower.
9 Ripped Tights You can also wear ripped tights to start the mismatched limbs look.
10 Boots Wear the left boot for this costume.
11 Heels On the opposite foot, slip on a black shoe with heels.
12 Ripped Arm Warmer Then, wear this ripped warmer on one of your arms.
13 Gloves Wear gloves on the opposite side.
14 Whip Carry a whip, too.

Monster Princess Do-S’ costume can be recreated with your trusty bikini and sexy harness. Style it with a blonde wig with flowers, too. For the finishing touch, you can wear tattered arm warmers, gloves, tights, and one boot. Carry a whip and wear a mask to complete the look.

About Monster Princess Do-S

Monster Princess Do-S is a character from the anime and manga series One-Punch Man. As her outfit suggests, Do-S behaves like a domineering and sadistic princess, doing acts such as whipping her enemies and expecting them to follow her orders to the letter. When she is wounded enough in a fight, she abandons her domineering nature and becomes a merciless fighter who destroys her opponent.