Herbert the Pervert (Family Guy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Herbert the Pervert Costume

Herbert The Pervert Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Bathrobe Slip on Herbert’s trademark light blue bathrobe and appear like a normal frail old man.
2 White Undershirt Use this regular white undershirt to look ordinary.
3 White Pajamas This untainted plain white pajamas is suited to the angelic image Herbert wants to project.
4 Brown Bedroom Slippers Pick this brown bedroom slippers for a snuggly walk.
5 Bald Old Man Wig Put on this bald old man wig and appear as an elderly neighbor.
6 Walker Go for this gray walker and use it as Herbert the Pervert’s main props.

Herbert the Pervert, also known as John Herbert, is the creepy and twisted elderly neighbor of the Griffin family. He always appear to be a harmless and friendly individual, with a calm cheerfulness and relaxed personality, but is actually constantly trying to catch boys and be around them.

Herbert the Pervert is an old man who is very wrinkled, with gray hair only on the sides, and with a weird shaped head. He wears a light blue bathrobe, a white undershirt, white pajamas, and brown bedroom slippers.

About Herbert the Pervert

Herbert the Pervert was voiced by Mike Henry. Henry is also known for his roles in The Cleveland Show, The Orville, and Kicked in the Nuts.

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