Pearl (Steven Universe) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pearl’s Costume from Steven Universe

Pearl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tank Top Kick off Pearl’s clothing with this cool top.
2 Star Patch Give the top a cute spin with this star applique.
3 Sash Add an elegant touch to the cosplay with a sash that matches the top.
4 Bike Shorts Pearl also wears yellow shorts so be sure to wear a pair!
5 Peach Socks Then, get a pair of peach-colored socks.
6 Flat Shoes Keep the Tiffany blue look going with this pair of flats.
7 Plastic Gems Pearl’s costume also features a gem on her forehead and you can stick one of these on!
8 Hair Dye You can also choose to use temporary hair color to rock Pearl’s costume.
9 Toy Sword Complete the look with your very own toy sword and match the blade with the color of Tiffany blue.

Pearl’s costume is light and very pleasing to look at thanks to its cool blue color scheme. You can kick off the cosplay with a Tiffany ensemble featuring a tank top, a sash, a pair of shoes, and even a toy sword. Then add a bright spot with yellow shorts and a star applique on the chest. Keep the look close to the original with a gem stone on the forehead and a lightly-colored hair, too!

About Pearl

Pearl is a character from the animated show Steven Universe. She is a member of the Crystal Gems where she is the second Pearl for Pink Diamond. In the story, she is also one of Rose Quartz’s closest followers. She is also believed to be one of the last Gems on Earth who rebelled against the Gem Homeworld. They would protect Earth later on and then share with Steven the ways of the Gem. She used to have issues with self-worth but then realized her real worth years later, too.