Peridot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Peridot Costume

Peridot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Bodysuit Make it look like you have green skin when you wear a full green bodysuit.
2 Black and Green Swimsuit Use a modest green and black one-piece swimsuit as the base of your Peridot outfit.
3 Assorted Fabric Use black fabric for Peridot’s collar and light yellow fabric for her outfit details.
4 Green Shoes Keep it simple but on theme with a pair of green shoes.
5 Blonde Wig Grab this spiky blonde wig and style it in a triangular shape to look more like Peridot.
6 White Half-Mask Accesorize with a simple white half-mask.

Peridot is a member of the Crystal Gems who was first introduced as an antagonist before becoming an official member. In the past, Peridot was very calculating, cold, and a logical thinker. But now, she is more open and cooperative, and can also be goofy at times as well.

Peridot is most known for her majorly green outfit. She wears a sleeveless green bodysuit with black and diamond details, green shoes, and black half-mask, and a triangular-shaped blonde hairdo.

About Peridot

Peridot is a character from the animated series “Steven Universe.” She is a member of the Homeworld Gem race and initially serves as an antagonist but eventually becomes an ally to the Crystal Gems. Peridot is known for her analytical nature, technological aptitude, and journey of self-discovery and redemption throughout the course of the series. Her character undergoes significant development as she learns about Earth and forms friendships with the other characters.

Peridot was voiced by Shelby Rabara. Rabara is also known for her work in Goliath, Samurai Rabbit, Me and My Grandma, and Awkward.

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