Jesus Quintana Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Jesus Quintana costume

Jesus Quintana Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Scrub Suit Set Jesus’ bowling uniform is custom made so it might be hard to look for it. But an easy alternative is this purple scrub suit. It’s the same obnoxious purple color and you can even customize the name. Embroider ‘Jesus’ on the front and you’re good to go.
2 Extra Long Hair Net Jesus wears an extra long hair net to keep his hair away from his face when he’s playing. Just tie it back at the bottom of your nape so it looks like a thin ponytail like the way Jesus wears it.
3 Wrist Brace Jesus is a serious bowling aficionado and this can be seen by his wrist brace. That’s for keeping his arms fit so he can play his best.
4 Pink Bowling Ball When dressing up as Jesus, you must bring along a pink bowling ball. After all, they have a very special relationship.
5 Purple Shoes Jesus is a drama queen and to add more to his obnoxious outfit, he prefers to wear a purple pair of footwear.
6 Multiple Gold Rings He’s extremely self-confident to the point of being conceited so Jesus has no problems with wearing multiple gold rings while just playing bowling.

He appears less than five minutes total in the movie but The Jesus gave such a huge presence that fans can’t seem to forget him even after 20 years. He’s nothing like the Jesus we know from religion. In fact, he’s a far cry and they don’t have anything in common except for their name.

Jesus is conceited and as obnoxious as his purple polyester jumpsuit. But he does take bowling seriously (too seriously) and has a special relationship with it. He goes all out to make a custom bowling uniform, takes good care of his pink bowling ball, wears a hair net, and wears an awesome looking wrist support band. Here’s everything you need to look like Jesus Quintana.

About Jesus Quintana

Jesus Quintana is played by the funny John Turturro and has been a long time favorite of arthouse films for his amazing and avant-garde portrayals.

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