Waterboy & Vicki Vallencourt Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Waterboy Costume

The Waterboy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Plaid Shirt Start your outfit with a classic red plaid shirt.
2 Relaxed Khaki Pants Pair your top with these relaxed khaki pants for a casual smart look.
3 Orange Vest with Pockets Wear an orange vest with pockets so you can bring along all your knick-knacks.
4 Black Shoes Keep it simple with a pair of plain black shoes.
5 Silver Bucket Lug along water with a classic silver metal bucket.
6 White Flowers Don’t forget to bring a bunch of white flowers as your prop.

How to Make Waterboy Football Player Costume

Bobby Boucher Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bobby Boucher #9 Jersey Instantly metamorphose into the geeky football star by putting on this special Bobby Boucher #9 jersey.
2 Black Football Practice Pants Pair your recognizable top with these black football practice pants.
3 Orange Calf Compression Sleeves Wear these orange calf compression sleeves for extra protection especially during games and practices.
4 White Crew Athletic Socks Pick this comfortable pair of white crew athletic socks for peak performance.
5 White Football Training Shoes Complete your outfit by getting these white football training shoes.
6 Football Carry this official football as your prop.

How to Make Vicki Vallencourt Costume

Vicki Vallencourt Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Square Neck Crop Top Start your sexy, tough outfit with this square neck black crop top.
2 Blue Jeans Match your top with this relaxed pair of straight blue jeans.
3 Black Leather Belt With Buckle Add some ruggedness by using this black leather belt with buckle.
4 Black Sneakers Move comfortably with this pair of cozy black sneakers.
5 Blue Baseball Cap Complete your attire by donning Vicki’s identifiable blue baseball cap.
6 Pearl Choker Necklace Put some highlight to your neck by wearing this pearl choker necklace.

Waterboy and Vicki Vallencourt are the two main characters in the 1998 American sports comedy movie The Waterboy. Bobby Boucher is a 31-year-old water boy with Asperger’s syndrome who is discovered to have an amazing talent for football. He miraculously brought the previously perpetually winless team to the tournament championship. While Vicki Vallencourt is the love interest of Bobby. She is a tough, punky criminal offender and supportive girlfriend to the geeky hero, later on becoming his wife.

Waterboy and Vicki Vallencourt are in love with each other. They wear a Bobby Boucher #9 football jersey, black football practice pants, orange calf compression sleeves, and a pair of white football training shoes for the Waterboy; and a square neck black crop top, blue jeans, a black leather belt with buckle, black sneakers, and a blue baseball cap for Vicki Vallencourt.

About Waterboy and Vicki Vallencourt

Waterboy was portrayed by Adam Sandler. Sandler is also known for his roles in The Wedding Singer, Little Nicky, Big Daddy, and Hubie Halloween.

Vicki Vallencourt was portrayed by Fairuza Balk. Balk is also known for her roles in The Craft, Almost Famous, Return to Oz, and American History X.

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