Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (The Fifth Element) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg’s Costume from The Fifth Element

Zorg Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Shirt Wear a shiny green shirt to start the costume.
2 Striped Vest Top off the green button-down with a striped vest.
3 Striped Pants Keep the striped look going with these pants.
4 Black Boots For the footwear, you can get a pair of boots.
5 Toy Gun Carry a toy gun.
6 Bald Wig You can also wear this wig sideways to recreate his hair.
7 Makeup Add a small stache to complete the costume!

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg dresses like the striking antagonist that he is: complete with a mustache and a tailored striped fit. He wears a shiny green button-down shirt under a striped vest. Zorg matched the vest with a striped pair of pants and boots. To complete his costume, be sure to wear a balding wig and carry a toy gun!

About Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is a character from the film The Fifth Element. Zorg is the main antagonist of the story and is known as an arms dealer. He is revealed to have been working for the Ultimate Evil and uses evil ways to achieve his goals. One of his ultimate goals is to steal the four Elements for The Ultimate Evil.