Syndrome (The Incredibles) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Syndrome Costume

Syndrome Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Logo Shirt Get the a black shirt with the white Syndrome logo as your base for your outfit. A black compression shirt underneath will give it the long-sleeved look it lacks.
2 Black Leggings A pair of plain black leggings will make a great look for any superhero outfit.
3 White Swim Trunks This pair of short, white trunks will make for a great alternative to Syndrome’s brief detail.
4 White Knee-High Boots A pair of white knee-high boots is Syndrome’s preferred footwear.
5 White Gloves Superheroes love gloves, and Syndrome’s are white.
6 Blue Fabric Obviously, Edna Mode wasn’t Syndrome’s designer because he’s wearing a navy cape. Use thing blue fabric to make your Syndrome cape.
7 Black Mask Syndrome uses a plain black mask to hide his identity.
8 Crazy Orange Hair Wear this crazy, orange wig to recreate Syndrome’s iconic hair.

Nothing is more dangerous than a sidekick scorned. All Syndrome wanted to become when he was younger was a superhero. But his overly enthusiastic personality almost cost him his life, and cost Mr. Incredible his career. It definitely hurt when his idol didn’t return his eagerness. That’s why he created a way to become a hero himself (although it’s a twisted and wrong way).

Syndrome’s costume is very modern and chic as it’s colored black and white. It perfectly contrasts with his flaming orange hair. Plus, the navy blue cape looks impeccable. You know he planned his superhero debut to the last detail. Here’s everything you need to look like Syndrome.

About Syndrome

Syndrome is voiced by actor Jason Lee. Lee is the voice actor for Syndrome for all his appearances in video games and movies.

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