The Underminer (The Incredibles) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make the Underminer Costume

The Underminer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Long-Sleeved Shirt The Underminer wears a mustard yellow long-sleeved shirt underneath his overalls.
2 Brown Overalls Keeping in theme with the earthy color he has going on, the UNderminer wears brown overalls.
3 Brown Cape The Underminer has a billowing brown cape.
4 Brown Boots The Underminer prefers a sturdy pair of brown boots.
5 Silver Gloves The Underminer has metallic machine hands. You can paint these Lego hands with silver color as an alternative.
6 Miner’s Hard Hat A miner outfit can’t be complete without a hard hat.
7 Retro Microphone Don’t forget to bring along a retro microphone since the Underminer loves his so much.

The Incredibles ended when the Underminer made his appearance near town hall. The Incredibles 2 started just as he continues with his attack. He may look funny and not at all as villain-like as the other super baddies that the Incredibles have fought but he successfully robbed the bank and ran away with the money to boot.

The Underminer’s clothes look very much like a miner’s uniform. He has on a yellow long-sleeved shirt, brown overalls, a brown/green cape, brown boots, a miner’s hard hat, and mechanical hands. He also loves quoting things with his retro microphone. Here’s everything you need to look like the Underminer.

About the Underminer

The Underminer is voiced by John Ratzenberger.

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