How to Make Dre Parker’s Costume from The Karate Kid

Inspire your next costume with the Karate Kid look. Get the pieces below.

The Karate Kid Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Sleeveless Shirt Look the part of a martial arts trainee with a white sleeveless shirt.
2 Red Pants Pair the top with red training pants or joggers.
3 Black Sneakers Slip on a pair of black sneakers.
4 Black Socks Wear black socks with the sneakers.
5 Elastic Hairbands Cop Dre’s braids with mini elastic hairbands.

Being the Karate Kid entails wearing clothes that are comfy enough to train in. Aside from the usual competition robes, Karate Kid costumes can also look great involving training wear. To look like Dre Parker, wear a white sleeveless tank top with red pants and finish with black socks and shoes. He wears his hair in braids so cop hair bands as needed.

About Dre Parker

Dre Parker is the lead character in the 2010 film “Karate Kid”. He is a Michigan-born kid and wanted to learn self-defense after being bullied. Dre moved to China when his mother got a job offer.

When in Beijing, Dre fell in love with a girl named Mei Ying. However, even in China, Dre still faced bullying in the form of Cheng who wanted to keep him apart from Mei Ying. This is where he started learning and training kung fu under his masters and eventually succeeding.