Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai (The Karate Kid) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai Costume from The Karate Kid

Johnny Lawrence Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Karate Costume Kick off the costume with this full set.
2 Tank Top For a DIY touch, use this tank top to start.
3 Yellow Tape Add some yellow lining using tape as you wish.
4 Black Pants Wear a pair of black pants.
5 Blonde Wig Nail Johnny’s costume with this blonde wig.
6 Headband Add this final touch of black to finish the karate outfit.
7 Red Jacket His alternate outfit.
8 Patch set Optional.

Johnny Lawrence’s scenes from the film includes a match of Karate where he wears their black uniform. You can order a full set or do a DIY version involving a tank top and a pair of pants. Complete his costume by wearing a blonde wig and a cloth headband.

About Johnny Lawrence

Johnny Lawrence is a character from The Karate Kid. Johnny Lawrence is the secondary antagonist of the film, where he eventually becomes Daniel LaRusso’s primary antagonist, and then one of the main protagonists of the Cobra Kai television series. He was once the Valley’s troubled rich kid who began a thirty-plus-year feud with Daniel. John Kreese’s vicious martial arts training made him a formidable opponent, and he became a top student at the Cobra Kai Dojo.