Ursula (Sea Witch) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Ursula is a sea witch with a savvy business mind. She makes deals with different sea creatures and makes sure that they all fail to keep their end of the bargain so that she gets to their soul for all eternity.

That’s what she did to poor Ariel. This manipulative lady is a forced to be reckoned with because not only is she benevolent, but she is also highly intelligent, cunning, and confident.

Ursula looks like a confident lavender-tinged, heavy set woman. Her upper body looks like a human but her lower half is from a black octopus which makes her somewhat like the merpeople but not entirely. Here’s everything you need to look like Ursula.

How to make DIY Ursula Costume

Ursula Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Bustier Ursula is confident in her appearance and this black bustier is a perfect top for your outfit.
2 Purple Scale Leggings Put in a little fishy inspiration by wearing a pair of purple scale leggings.
3 Black Tutu Skirt Instead of sewing DIY tentacles, why not wear this adorably sinister black tutu skirt?
4 Headband & Tentacle Scarf Ursula can’t be herself without her crown and tentacles so get this set to be detailed.
5 Black Heels Ursula has tentacles but you have feet. So why not use these pair of black heels for your outfit?
6 Light Purple Body Paint Paint yourself a light purple color to match Ursula’s skintone.
7 White Wig Get Ursula’s iconic hair with this white wig.
8 Shell Necklace Ursula uses a shell necklace to capture and trap Ariel’s beautiful voice.
9 Premium Costume Set If you want to look like a fashion model ala Ursula, buy this costume set.
10 Plus Costume Set Be confident whatever size you may be with this awesome costume set.

About Ursula

Ursula is voiced by Pat Carroll. Carroll has been acting since the 1940s.

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